Duck Flock


Duck Flock, 03.20.21

*This is a clear sticker! Jar not included.

This design is based of a photo I took of a flock of Black Docks flying together over Penobscot Bay.

There’s something magic to me about the dynamic movements captured in a moment, frozen in time. I’ve been careful to keep all the birds the exact same size and shape as they were in my original photo. The birds were essentially silhouettes any how, and to create this illustration I carefully traced over the birds in black, then removed the original image so all that remained was the birds.

Note: This is a clear sticker, if placed carefully whatever is behind it should show through. I have found that it’s easy to accidentally catch your fingerprints on the sticky side or leave bubbles when placing the sticker. And if you place it and then peal it off at all to reposition it you can leave glue smears that you can’t remove. The birds will also not be very noticeable if the sticker is placed on a dark surface. Just want to be transparent about all this 😉

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