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Penobscot Bay, 01/07/21

2.5″ by 3.75″

The coast of Maine is really special, with countless islands, pocket beaches, and rocks rounded by crashing waves and 10ft tides.

This piece of art is from a place where an island is connected to the mainland at low tide by a large bar of sandy beach. At high tide the water rises over the beach and the island is fully separated by choppy seas.

I got to sit and watch the transition from beach to ocean, from two pieces of land connected by sand, to two pieces of land separated by water.

A magical transition, happening daily for hundreds of years.

Nature is cool that way.

Image Description: Sandy beach, blue water and sky, black island and rocks, white sun clouds and lens flares.

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  1. Jacob

    Simon’s Stickers are insanely good quality, and they make my water bottle look so fly .

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